Petrochemical Water Treatment

The petrochemical industry is a process intensive industry which utilizes relatively large quantities of water in its refining operations. This industry involves the processing of chemicals derived from petroleum and natural gas that are used for a variety of chemical purposes. The wastewater generated by this industry has created many petrochemical wastewater treatment challenges.

Petrochemical companies require specialized solutions to treat both process and wastewater streams to meet the strict environmental regulations and compliance standards required within the US and abroad.

Several issues associated with treating the wastewater streams in petroleum refining facilities include the treatment of oils, greases, volatile organics, phenols, heavy metals, and other specific contaminants compounded by the effects of water scarcity, stricter regulations and lower operating margins.

Genesis Water Technologies provides specific process optimization services and specialized wastewater treatment solutions for petrochemical companies worldwide.

If installation is required, these solutions can be integrated and implemented by our local qualified  construction partners.

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Genesis Water Technologies has the knowledge, expertise and sustainable, reliable solutions and services to meet the waste water treatment challenges of petrochemical companies in the US and worldwide.

Featured Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Self Cleaning Centrifugal Filtration

Electrocoagulation Systems

Advanced Oxidation Process

Water Treatment Media

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