Petrochemical Water Treatment

Cleaner, More Efficient Petrochemical Water Treatment

Processing chemicals derived from petroleum and natural gas can be complicated, dirty, and costly.

Treating wastewater streams in petroleum refining facilities can typically include treating oils, greases, volatile organics, phenols, heavy metals, among other contaminants. Petrochemical organizations do all this in a background of water scarcity, stricter regulations and lower operating margins.

Genesis Water Technologies (GWT) provides specific process optimization services and specialized wastewater treatment solutions for petrochemical companies worldwide.
If installation is required, these solutions can be integrated and implemented by local qualified construction implementation partners.

GWT provides the knowledge, expertise and sustainable, reliable solutions and services for our customers to meet the waste water treatment challenges you encounter in your operations.

Retrofit and optimize your water and wastewater treatment operations and reach your regulatory discharge requirements. GWT is ready and willing to assist you in these endeavors.

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Featured Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Self Cleaning Centrifugal Filtration

Electrocoagulation Systems

Advanced Oxidation Process

GWT Zeoturb™ Bio-Organic Liquid Flocculant

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