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Water scarcity, aging infrastructure and increasingly stringent environmental regulations regarding disinfection byproducts and emerging contaminants such as PFAS compounds are challenges facing municipal water treatment utilities in the US and around the world.

Genesis Water Technologies is focused upon designing, engineering, and optimizing innovative treatment solutions for the following applications:

* Drinking Water Treatment
* Domestic Wastewater Treatment

These municipal water treatment solutions are developed for water utilities within the USA and abroad to assist your water utility to meet the needs of an expanding population in a cost efficient and sustainable manner while achieving increasingly tighter regulatory compliance.

Genesis Water Technologies and our local partners work holistically with your water utility to design, engineer, and implement advanced GWT drinking water desalination systems and domestic wastewater treatment system solutions.

In many cases our systems can be retrofitted to enable optimized performance of existing water treatment system processes to meet your operational needs when your current system is insufficient for current or future population growth.

What Does This Mean for Your Drinking Water or Wastewater Treatment Utility?

Genesis Water Technologies can optimize your water utilities treatment process and provide strategic GWT engineering optimization services & water treatment solutions that will save your organization money, comply with requisite regulations, and deal with the effects of water scarcity & emerging contaminants such as PFAS among others.

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