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What is the GWT Mbio MBBR wastewater treatment process?

The GWT Mbioᵗᵐ moving bed biofilm process (MBBR) is an advanced fixed film biological wastewater treatment process using specialized biofilm carriers suspended in specifically configured aeration basins or reactor tanks. Each buoyant biofilm carrier is designed to handle the reduction of BOD, COD, TSS, and certain other pollutant contaminants which are absorbed and oxidized through microbiological organisms grown on these biofilm carriers.

How does it work?

The GWT Mbioᵗᵐ MBBR consist of an aeration tank or basin containing specially designed submerged and free flowing bio media. The high surface area of the Mbioᵗᵐ bio media provides plentiful surfaces for bacteria to develop and thrive.

A stainless steel aeration manifold connecting specifically designed GWT AB jet diffusionᵗᵐ systems on the bottom of the wastewater tank or basin provides both sufficient dissolved oxygen for wastewater pollutant oxidation and reduction through the use of an external air blower. A coarse mesh net above the diffusers eliminates the chance of the biomedia carriers becoming trapped on the bottom of the basin by the diffusers rapid mixing action.

A stainless steel metal or FRP sieve screen is utilized at the outlet of the aeration tank which allows the treated water to move to the post clarification stage of the treatment process while retaining the biomedia carriers inside the tank.

This compact treatment process does not require a return activated sludge pipe line.


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