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Numerous years of experience involved in the design, engineering and integration of water & wastewater treatment process systems have contributed to serve as a foundational platform for the Genesis Water Technologies process optimization consulting engineering services tailored to the needs of water utilities and commercial & industrial clients.

What is Genesis Water Technologies Process Optimization Engineering Services for Water & Wastewater Treatment Applications?

This innovative engineering consulting service is designed around our water utility & industrial clients to assist them in optimizing the treatment of their current water or wastewater treatment systems to meet continually stringent regulatory requirements, handle emerging contaminants and reduce overall operational costs.

In wastewater treatment applications, we explore and optimize options for integrating wastewater reuse into our clients existing processes to reduce continued reliance on fresh water sources, meet sustainability objectives and reduce costs where the economic benefits are attractive to do so.

This process optimization consulting engineering service will assist you in answering the following questions for your organization:

When should a water utility or company engage Genesis Water Technologies for its process optimization engineering services?

Water utilities or industrial companies should engage us for process optimization engineering consulting, in two scenarios:

What are the goals?

What are the client benefits in engaging these services?

What are the steps involved in the Genesis Water Technologies Process?

Introductory Evaluation / Call

Start of Optimization Consulting Engineering Service

Final Assessment of Plant Optimization

Bench Test/Lab Treatability Testing (As Applicable)

Summary Report of Optimization
Recommendations and Suggestions

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