Case Studies

Energy Sector

Power Generation

Boiler Feed Water Case Study – Power Generation Facility

Oil & Gas Industry

Process Water Reuse – Oil/Gas Industry

Petrochemical Process Water

Process Water Reuse – Oil/Gas Industry

Agriculture Sector

Agriculture Processing

Agriculture Plant Nursery

Food & Beverage Sector

Beverage Processing (Liquor & Dairy Facilities)

Electrocoagulation Solutions

Liquor Distillery

Ultraviolet Technology Disinfection

Municipal Infrastructure Sector

Sea Water Desalination

Water Infrastructure – Sea Water Desalination

Domestic Waste Water Reuse

Decentralized Water Reuse

Humanitarian Kiosk Water Treatment Case Study – Haiti

Humanitarian Kiosk Water Treatment – Haiti

Hotel & Building Sector

Hotel Grey Water/Process Water Reuse

Industrial Sector

Pulp & Paper Industry

Progressive Pulp Processes

Paint Pigment Industry

Sustainable Water Reuse in the Paint Pigment Industry

Textile Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable Water Reuse in the Textile Industry

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