Reverse Osmosis Desalination Solutions

Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to providing sustainable, innovative, and specialized reverse osmosis desalination solutions for both sea water desalination and highly brackish well water desalination.

To guarantee a reliable and continuous safe water supply, water utilities in coastal and island communities and coastal resorts across the world are rotating to desalination as a means of meeting their drinking water requirements to combat the issues associated with water scarcity.

Genesis Water Technologies (GWT) has many years of experience in designing and supplying our modular seawater and highly brackish well water reverse osmosis desalination systems for drinking water applications across the world.

These desalination plants utilize top-quality components, are fully automated, controlled by innovative PLC based technology with Ethernet or cell network capabilities to enable real-time monitoring and technical support by GWT.

In association with our local representation and EPC business partner relationships worldwide, we can provide complete modular integrated seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant solutions for potable drinking water. GWT has built modular seawater desalination systems that have ranged in capacity from (92.5 US gpm) 500 m3/d to 10,000 m3/d.

We have designed and engineered seawater desalination systems up to 200,000 m3/d (50 MGD) for water utilities in association with our local implementation construction partners.

These desalination system solutions would encompass:

Utilizing a Renewable, Dependable, Safe Water Source with Sea Water Desalination

We look forward to working with you to discuss these specific potable water desalination requirements. Contact our experts to learn how our specialized seawater and highly brackish well desalination solutions can help you meet your potable water treatment goals.

GWT Seawater Desalination Presentation

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