Electrocoagulation – Wastewater Reuse

Electrocoagulation is a specialized coagulation technology utilizing electrical energy.

This electrolysis process utilizes methods that precipitate out large quantities of contaminants in a single operation. This Genesis Water Technologies electrocoagulation wastewater treatment technology is the distinct economical and environmental choice for industrial and commercial wastewater treatment.

Genesis Water Technologies is devoted to providing advanced, innovative modular electrocoagulation wastewater treatment solutions specifically designed for gray water and wastewater reuse treatment applications.

Using this advanced technology, we are able to assist our clients in removing or significantly reducing with post treatment clarification:

GWT specialized electrocoagulation wastewater treatment solutions are designed, engineered, built, and integrated into an optimized treatment process including pre and post treatment to solve our client’s specific needs. These systems are typically installed by our local reps and EPC partners worldwide.

Advantages of GWT Specialized Electrocoagulation:

These integrated solutions have specific applications in the following industries:

Modular System Solutions available from 10 GPM (38 LPM) and scalable to millions of gallons per day.

GWT can also provide modular electrocoagulation solutions to be integrated into existing industrial wastewater systems in order to optimize the water quality and reduce waste water discharge to meet regulatory requirements or allow for non potable reuse applications as applicable.

GWT Specialized Electrocoagulation Systems

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