Power Generation

Power generation companies face several challenges in the operation of power production facilities worldwide.

These specific challenges include water scarcity, stricter regulations, economic development and rapid urbanization.

Genesis Water Technologies provides specialized process optimization consulting services and innovative water treatment solutions tailored specifically to address the challenges faced by power companies including the effects of water scarcity and environmental compliance regulations. 

We work with power production companies to meet your water treatment issues with innovative and sustainable solutions that are modular in nature and can be easily integrated to optimize the water & wastewater treatment processes in both fossil-fuel, renewable and nuclear-powered facilities. These treatment solutions are engineered to fully meet environmental compliance standards and minimize associated operating and maintenance costs over comparative solutions.

Included below is some featured water treatment solutions designed specifically for our power production clients water treatment & reuse requirements.

What does this mean for power generation companies?

Genesis Water Technologies can optimize your companies treatment process and provide strategic GWT water treatment solutions that will save your organization money and comply with requisite regulations.

Featured Power Generation Water Treatment Technologies

Self Cleaning Centrifugal Filtration

Electrocoagulation Systems


Water Treatment Media

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