Mining Water Treatment

From initial operations to post extraction operational maintenance, mining companies are being faced with a range of water treatment challenges, including water availability, water management, and stricter environmental regulations on water quality discharge limits. These challenges require effective, innovative and sustainable mine water treatment & wastewater treatment solutions.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. assists mining companies worldwide in meeting these challenges with cost efficient, innovative and sustainable mine water treatment solutions that are reliable, flexible and fully meet environmental compliance standards.

Working in conjunction with leading mining operation providers across the world, we assist mining companies with the following featured solutions to assist you with maximizing your revenues through optimizing treatment costs and extracting heavy metal residuals with commercial value from currently discarded mine tailings.

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Genesis Water Technologies has the knowledge and application expertise to provide advanced, sustainable electro chemical and advanced oxidation treatment solutions for the treatment and extraction of trace metals & contaminants in mine tailings water.

Energy Water Treatment Applications

Featured Mining Water Treatment Technologies

Self Cleaning Centrifugal Filtration

Electrocoagulation Systems

Advanced Oxidation Process

GWT Zeoturb™ Bio-Organic Liquid Flocculant

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