Advanced Oxidation Process – Industrial Wastewater

Optimized Industrial Wastewater Reuse Solutions

Reusing industrial wastewater means applying stringent treatment methods to handle problematic pollutants in the wastewater stream, which vary by industry. These treatment processes can take up a lot of space and time.

With GWT, decrease your system’s footprint while increasing reaction times even with lower treatment contact time. Our Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) brings an innovative tertiary solution to treat industrial wastewater that meets increasingly stringent regulations on micropollutants including COD.

So what is AOP?

In our suite of tailor-made systems, an AOP chemical feed systems takes hydroxyl radicals and reactive oxygen species containing considerable oxidation potential, and uses that to effectively react with numerous contaminants including non-biodegradable micro pollutants, trace metals, organics, pharmaceutical residues, and pathogens. This creates hydroxyl radical and reactive oxygen molecules, which react with contaminants quickly, requiring less treatment contact time and a smaller system footprint in the client’s facility.

The details around any particular system is as unique as each customer. Whether its the rate of oxidation of a target micro pollutant, oxidation in the water, or any other parameters, GWT makes integrating this solution into your water treatment plan intuitive.

Is a GWT Advanced Oxidation System right for your industrial wastewater treatment application?

Short answer: It depends.

AOP technologies, for all their benefits, have drawbacks, too. They are not, for example, appropriate for all types of source water conditions without post treatment polishing systems. We partner with you to help find out whether AOP is right for you.

The effects of water scarcity, increased regulations and a move toward sustainability has positioned GWT advanced oxidation systems as an effective solution in a number of critical uses including the oxidation or reduction of:

Scalable Advanced Oxidation Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Providing advanced oxidation wastewater treatment solutions for industrial water reuse to the energy, textile, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, you have to know how to work as a team. For scalable solutions that accommodate waste water reuse requirements, GWT works with local partners and EPC construction partners worldwide, and we look forward to assisting you in reusing your water resources at an optimized operating cost. For more details on our technology, please review the presentations below. Or, if you would like to tell us about your next project, reach out now by clicking “GET IN TOUCH” below.
GWT EOX Electro Oxidation Treatment System
GWT Genclean Advanced Oxidation Application Data Sheet

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