Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment

Genesis Water Technologies understands the consistently evolving and increasing demands to treat flow back produced water in the oil & gas industry. In addition, we understand the necessity for sustainable produced water treatment solutions to handle the evolving regulatory, fiscal and environmental challenges faced by this industry.

Decreased availability of water and increased environmental regulations relating to produced water from unconventional shale gas exploration “hydraulic fracking” and conventional oil & gas field operations in the US and across the world have led oil & gas companies to look for innovative water treatment solutions to meet the environmental and regulatory issues facing their business operations.

Genesis Water Technologies is focused on meeting your needs through our process optimization engineering consulting services and the continual development of modular innovative, sustainable produced water treatment solutions to enable the safe reuse or discharge of produced water from oil/gas operations.

GWT provides reliable, sustainable, and flexible modular and stationary system solutions are designed for typical capacities from 1500 bbpd to 50,000 bbpd or higher.

These produced water treatment recovery system solutions are designed and engineered as a process system solution for new applications. These systems can also be integrated into existing treatment processes to optimize an oil & gas companies existing process to meet their requirements for discharge or to enable them to reuse this water for further fracturing operations at an optimized cost.

Working in conjunction with leading petroleum companies in the US and across the world with our local sales and implementation partners, we design, engineer, fabricate, and supply the following featured specialized solutions to assist your company in handling your specific requirements while protecting the environments in which you operate.

What does this mean for your petroleum company?

Genesis Water Technologies can optimize your companies treatment process and provide strategic GWT water treatment solutions that will save your organization money and comply with requisite regulations.

Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment Technologies

Self Cleaning Centrifugal Filtration

Electrocoagulation Systems

Advanced Oxidation Process

Water Treatment Media

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