Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment

Optimizing Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment

The Oil and Gas industry is often under public scrutiny. Often, protests and media latch on to inefficiencies, chemical spills at industrial plants, and the global impact of environmentally harmful chemical disposal. Oil and Gas industry players must must meet constantly evolving and increasing demands to treat produced water in their operations.

The utilization of sustainable produced water treatment solutions to handle the evolving regulatory, fiscal and environmental challenges faced by this industry in an important priority.

Water scarcity and increased environmental regulations relating to produced water from unconventional shale gas exploration “hydraulic fracking” and conventional oil & gas field operations in the US and across the world have led oil & gas companies to look for innovative water treatment solutions to meet the environmental and regulatory issues facing these business operations.

Genesis Water Technologies (GWT) is focused on meeting your needs through our process optimization engineering consulting services. We work with you to develop a modular, innovative and sustainable produced water treatment solutions. These solutions can be integrated into your existing operations to enable safe water reuse or allow for compliant discharge of your produced water from oil/gas operations.

These treatment systems can be retrofitted or implemented into produced water treatment operations of varying sizes.

Working in conjunction with leading petroleum companies in the US and across the world in association with our local partners, we design, engineer, fabricate, and supply the following featured specialized solutions to assist your company in handling your specific requirements while protecting the environment in which you operate.

Reduce Cost and Simplify Environmental Water Treatment Solutions

We improve your companies treatment process and provide strategic water treatment optimization services and products that save money and time, while reducing greenhouse gasses (GHG).

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Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment Technologies

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