Differentiators of GWT Advanced Treatment Technologies- Advanced Oxidation

advanced treatment technologies

Advanced oxidation systems can treat water from a wide range of sources. Different industries produce pollutants that conventional treatment systems cannot typical treat; this requires advanced treatment technologies. If those pollutants are not treated, they typically end up in water sources that are used for drinking water.

If conventional drinking water treatment systems cannot treat & remove these pollutants (assuming the people in that area have access to a treatment system), then they can end up sick. Children are especially susceptible to these micropollutants.

These dangerous contaminants are often very small or difficult to treat, which is why other treatments cannot typically handle them effectively. Advanced oxidation processes create and use very powerful oxidizers, specifically hydroxyl radicals (⦁OH), to target and degrade these harmful compounds into stable, harmless molecules.

There are a number of options for these systems, some of the more prominent being a combination of ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Plenty of water treatment companies offer similar systems, but Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. has systems that offer advanced treatment technologies with numerous benefits for the client’s treatment application.

Here are just a few:

  • Compact system solution footprint (including modular systems)

Particularly in smaller communities, you should not have to sacrifice large areas of land to treat your water or wastewater. Genesis Water Technologies’ (GWT) AOP systems are compact to provide you with your desired flow rate without an enlarged system footprint. In fact, our systems can be constructed in a modular fashion so that they are easy to transport and install. This is an excellent benefit for industrial/commercial facilities or communities large or small.

  • Rapid reaction rates

GWT AOP systems utilize advanced treatment technologies to create hydroxyl radicals in place of other oxidizers to maximize reaction rates. These radicals oxidize compounds significantly faster than oxidizers like chlorine, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide by themselves. With these rapid reaction times, our AOP systems can treat a particular volume of contaminated water in minutes based on the level of contamination.

  • Optimized for removal of biologically toxic & non-biodegradable compounds

You can get pre-configured AOP systems that may or may not remove everything you want them to, in the quantities you need them removed, but why risk it? We optimize all of our systems to handle your specific contaminants, especially any biologically toxic and/or non-biodegradable compounds.

Therefore, we integrate the most advanced treatment technologies to target and treat whatever your priority contaminants are, including 1,4 dioxane, GenX, PFAS, or other specific pollutants.

  • Optimization of hydroxyl radical formation to oxidize contaminants

As the star of the show, proper concentrations of ⦁OH need to be produced to ensure that the effluent is being fully treated. GWT takes the time to work out the most efficient way to create the radicals necessary for your specific system.

  • Can be used with activated carbon absorption to reduce COD levels

COD levels can be difficult to reduce, even with an AOP system. Therefore, if our AOP alone cannot decrease your COD to a reasonable standard, we can add carbon adsorption to the mix to get the job done.

  • Does not concentrate the waste contaminants

Some tertiary processes have the added side effect of having to deal with the concentrated waste contaminants left behind after the treatment process. Membrane technology is notorious for this issue, allowing the clean water through while trapping the bad molecules.

Now, then you have to dispose of that concentrate brine somehow. AOP does not have this problem. Oxidation breaks down compounds into their constituent parts, rendering them virtually harmless so they can be moved along to the next treatment step.

  • Can be controlled via process automation for simple operation

At home, you can either wash your dishes individually by hand or you can load up a dishwasher, push a few buttons, and let it proceed. We think the same should apply in water treatment, especially in community or industrial settings. Our AOP systems can be automated, so you can focus on other things.

  • Reduced labor input costs

If a system takes a large team to operate and maintain, it could probably be simpler. AOP operation costs can be relatively high, however, the labor input can be relatively lower for system operations.

GWT AOP systems are great for communities and companies that are dealing with micropollutants or emerging contaminants. Using these systems with integrated automation allows for lower labor costs.

  • Does not create sludge as with physical/chemical process or biological processes (wasted biological sludge)

Sludge can be a pretty nasty side effect of other types of treatment systems. It’s even worse when you can’t use it for any other purpose, such as for energy production or land application. Thankfully, Advanced oxidation typically does not produce sludge. As mentioned before, this AOP process breaks down the pollutants into typically non-toxic compounds. It does not leave anything behind or precipitate sludge solids.

  • Easier installation with optimized energy consumption

AOP systems can be difficult to install, and they can use up a lot of energy. However, GWT systems are designed to easily integrate into new or existing systems. These advanced treatment technologies optimize energy as much as possible, while assisting you to achieve the results you need.

  • GWT client commitment

We want to do more than just design and supply you with a system, and leave you to your own devices. GWT works closely with our clients to figure out the best treatment method for your particular needs, and then assist you in the supervision of installation, training, and after-sales services. This helps to ensure everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Genesis Water Technologies wants to ensure that our clients can treat their water to handle micro-pollutants and emerging contaminants. We seek to design and integrate innovative, advanced treatment technologies, so we design each of our AOP systems with those ideals in mind.

Interested in the benefits a GWT AOP system solution could offer your particular application? Contact Genesis Water Technologies at 1-877-267-3699 or you can reach out to us via email at customersupport@genesiswatertech.com for a free initial consultation to discuss your application.