Water is abundantly available on the surface of the Earth. But do you know only 10% of the water is consumable, and the rest of the water is not usable? As the population is rapidly growing, the need for the consumable water is also growing. This increasing need for water has resulted in a scarcity of water in different regions.

In such cases, the only solution is to reuse the wastewater and to balance the water cycle in nature. Nowadays, reputed service providers are offering innovative wastewater treatment solutions to enhance the reusability of the water. Genesis Water Technologies is one of the leading dealers of different wastewater treatment solutions and water filtration systems.

The innovative solutions of GWT are greatly appreciated by the industrial and the commercial clients. To ensure consumable drinking water to the clients, it deals with the best quality water filter cartridges. The water filter cartridges are used to remove the impurities from the water. Apart from removing the impurities from the water, these cartridges also redefine the quality of water by subjecting the water to different treatment processes.

There is a good demand for the cartridges in the industries and also in the residential units. Without the use of water filter cartridges, it is impossible to carry forward the water treatment processes. Some of the popular cartridges of GWT include the following:

  • Remineralization filtration cartridges.
  • Granular coconut shells filter cartridges.
  • Carbon Block filters cartridges.
  • Advanced Nano Fiber filter cartridges with integrated carbon matrix.
  • Exclusive DLP series Advanced Nano Fiber filter cartridges.
  • Meltblown filter cartridges.
  • String wound filter cartridges.
  • Pleated filter cartridges.

These entire filter cartridges are efficiently designed to fulfil the needs of the clients. Different clients have different types of wastewater and drinking water issues. Thus, accordingly, the filter cartridges have been categorized. The raw materials, which are used in the manufacturing process of these above filters, are maintained as per FDA compliant or NSF rated.

Again, all the water filter cartridges are efficiently manufactured in the manufacturing units in the US, except the black carbon filters. These filters are also used in the replacement filter cartridges to ensure the water treatment process. Thus, if you are in trouble and looking out for the best water treatment filters, then the above filter cartridges are just perfect for you. To order the filter cartridges, you need to contact the members of GWT.