An ultrafiltration system is based on numerous membrane filtrations, where pressure causes screening through a semipermeable membrane. In this method, the submerged solid particles and the solutes of greater mass are reserved within, and particles of low mass escape through membrane within the filtrate.

Ultrafiltration system is widely used in various industries for water purification. These are highly used among the research sectors as well. This is specially one of the finest ways of filtering the protein based solutions.


On a technical note, an ultrafiltration system doesn’t differ much from the micro filtration system. Both these methods filter in accordance with the dimension of the element trapped within. However, ultrafiltration system definitely is not the same thing where the elements are separated in accordance with the rate of diffusion. Here the membranes are set according to the molecular mass of the membrane used.

Ultrafiltration system is a strategic way of water filtration through membranes. Membrane size varies here starting from 0.1 to 0.001 micron. These systems are highly effective in removal of particles of higher molecular mass. This method can efficiently screen out the bacteria and viruses.

However, the compound elements of low molecular mass like sodium, calcium, magnesium chloride, and sulfate can’t be screened through the process. The ultrafiltration process primarily demands low feed water pressure to attain the higher flux rates through the filtration membranes.


Ultrafiltration systems in modern times are much more advanced, both in terms of their manufacture and operation. Manufacturers of these systems can even deliver application specific products. For example, these systems can be developed for drinking water filtration, naturally processed water for industrial needs, for recycling purpose, etc.

Modern day ultrafiltration systems are developed in specific way to efficiently remove the particles or macromolecules from the prominent water sources like rivers, lakes, etc. These waters are processed to be made suitable for drinking, industrial application, and recycle purpose.

It’s great to know that the leading manufacturers of ultrafiltration systems can deliver custom solutions, in accordance with the need of the particular industry. In fact, it is possible these days for the manufacturers to provide portable ultra-filtration systems that operate through solar energy.

These mobile filtration systems through solar energy have been excellent for humanitarian purposes.  In short, it is possible these days to build ultrafiltration systems in a customized fashion, based on the industry need.