Ultrafiltration – Wastewater Reuse

GWT series ultrafiltration system solutions utilize polymeric and vacuum based membranes specifically designed for tertiary wastewater treatment & recycling applications.

In understanding your specific application and evaluating your water analysis, we will work with you to assess the optimal membrane type and configuration that would provide the best performance at an optimized operating cost for your most challenging commercial/industrial wastewater treatment application.

These systems are designed, engineered and built to resolve your needs for the removal of turbidity, TSS, trace oil/grease, phosphorus and microbiological contamination.

GWT tertiary ultrafiltration systems are designed to operate in a cross flow configuration, reducing backwash cycles, cleaning and operating costs.

GWT tertiary wastewater UF systems can assist you with removal of the following:

In working with our authorized sales reps, engineering and EPC partners worldwide, GWT can provide custom built integrated ultrafiltration system solutions to meet your wastewater treatment goals while optimizing operational cost and treated water quality.

Contact us to speak with an applications engineer who can assist and guide you in the selection of an appropriate ultra filtration solution to meet your specific needs.

GWT Ultrafiltration System Presentation

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