Now a day’s one of the most intensive and the best field due to which the entire human kind can survive is the field of agriculture and aquaculture. The agriculture industry is a water requirement industry and is in a need of constant free contaminant water supply and so is in fish cultivation. And in order to provide this contaminant free water supply it requires a large scale of water treatment solutions and specific soil development which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How Treated Water Are Useful?

One of the major benefit which every staff attached with fish farming can relate to is that the treated water or the contaminated free water which is used by Genesis water technologies are not only helpful for the fishing but also increases the fish cultivation. Genesis water technologies are also taking one major initiative in improving the water qualities for agriculture as well as for aquaculture.

It is trying to make mater free of every harmful contaminant for agriculture and fish culture. They also have solutions for specialized sustainable Agro-Z medium which is rather used as a soil additive to increase plant growth and yielding better productions. And since the water are the roots of every improvement in agriculture as well as aquaculture sector, so it’s very necessary that proper and useful water to be used in this purpose.

What Are The Benefits Of ElectroCoagulation In Water Treatment?

Electro coagulation is the passing of electrical current through the water deposits; it has proved itself to be an effective method in the removal of water contaminants from water. These electro coagulation systems have been in news for many years now. With the help of a variety of anodes and cathode geometrics, plates, balls, fluidized bed spheres, tubes, and wire mesh, these systems have been functional in multiple ways.

  • Electrocoagulation has decreased the contaminated water volume almost by 98%. It has been able to lower the treatment cost by a total of 90% for water containing heavy metals as well as oil emulsions.


  • With the help of electrocoagulation, the water gets cleaned generally by eliminating suspended materials such as silica, clays, and carbon black almost by 98%.


  • It also reduces the heavy metals from water such as arsenic, chromium, lead, nickel, zinc, and cadmium to almost 98%.


  • The electrocoagulation systems have been successfully utilized in industries for purposes such as harvest protein, fat, fiber from the food processor waste streams, remove metals to allow closed loop systems, recondition brine chiller water by eliminating fat, bacteria, etc.