Breaking the trend of agricultural appliances with the help of 14 V electricity; a system with high voltage was lately introduced in the farming sector. The government is providing power to engine auxiliaries and other electrically driven systems.  It helps to reduce fuel consumption, under the load part conditions. Nowadays, more farmers are encouraged to use the high voltage system.

Agriculture Water Treatment- Advanced Oxidation with Zeo Filtration

Like most other uses of land, agriculture has a huge impact on the quality of ground as well as surface waters around that respective region. Using sufficient measures to protect water, land, and atmosphere are important to guard the health of the surrounding environment and the economy of the region.

Genesis Water Technologies provides best water treatment solutions as well as advanced oxidation with filtration process. Sustainable agriculture water treatment methods help to protect the quality of water resources and aid the production of high-quality agricultural products into healthier environments.

What is Advanced Oxidation with Zeo Filtration?

It refers to a set of oxidative water treatments that can be accessed to treat the toxic effluents or particles at industrial areas, hospitals, as well as wastewater treatment plants. The advanced oxidation with filtration processes are quite successful to transform the toxic organic elements such as pesticides, drugs, endocrine disruptors into biodegradable substances.

These advanced oxidation processes are also used as pre-treatment combined with the biologic treatment and was recently used as quaternary treatment to remove micro-pollutants from the municipal wastewater treatment plants. The combination of these several advanced oxidation processes is an effective way to increase the pollutant reduction and reduced costs.

What Are the Advantages of Advanced Oxidation with Zeo Filtration?

  • It destroys or omits the toxic organic compounds without any pollution transfer to other phases.

  • Works for water disinfection purposes also.

  • Adaptable to small scale industries in developing countries.

  • These processes are quite efficient to treat all the organic pollutants and to remove some toxic metals.

  • Adaptable and easier to access to small scales in the developing countries.

  • The GWT solutions take care to provide the water that is free from any kind of impurities for the sake of healthier and better crop production. Genesis Water Technologies is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the USA that deal with sustainable treatment solutions for applications in drinking water, wastewater, water reuse, agriculture, aquaculture, etc.