Optimizing Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Mexico - Tighter Regulation and Water Scarcity

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Mexico

Water scarcity in many Mexican states and the lack of solutions to boost water supplies has required industrial companies  to implement and optimize industrial wastewater treatment in Mexico across their companies.

The requirements for optimizing, retrofitting and adding new treatment systems to enable water recycling and reuse has become critically important to these industrial companies across Mexico under these conditions.

With the requirements related to regulatory compliance to the new water discharge legislation, NOM-001 which was past last year, companies from different industries across Mexico have expressed their desire for assistance in meeting these new standards.

By investing in these new or retrofit initiatives for their water treatment processes, companies have found that they can utilize these additional water resources to combat the effects of water stress in their operations.

Several regions across the country of Mexico are suffering from drought conditions and industrial companies are searching for ways to reduce their dependence on municipal water utilities and are looking to alternatives sources. In these cases, water recycling and reuse initiatives are effective water supply alternatives that can optimize a companies revenues while also enabling the industrial company to meet its environmental, societal, and corporate governance (ESG) goals which is becoming more important recently.

What is the Mexican legislation NOM-001 and how does it affect industrial companies?

This recently passed legislation provides for greater regulations on the parameters for wastewater discharges into water bodies. This regulation affects all industries in companies to optimize or retrofit their current systems to comply with these new standards.

This regulation allows for quicker adoption by industrial companies to invest in optimizing industrial wastewater treatment in Mexico focusing upon water reuse and recycling initiatives in order to take advantage of the additional water resources that they are currently discharging.

Many companies that are not in compliance with these regulations are working with companies like Genesis Water Technologies to assist them to retrofit/optimize their existing wastewater treatment processes to include innovative and sustainable advanced wastewater treatment technologies.

What industries are adopting advanced industrial wastewater treatment in Mexico for water reuse & recycling and what technologies are being implemented?

In Mexico there are several industries that are taking advantage of water reuse initiatives to combat the effects of water stress, changing regulations as well as a move toward sustainability.

This is especially apparent in the automotive, energy and food & beverage processing industries which have come under pressure to conserve ground water resources that can be utilized by the Mexican water utilities to provide drinking water to the citizens of Mexico.

There are several technologies that are being implemented by companies in these industries to combat these water supply risks and associated costs to their operations. These include both specialized electrochemical technologies, innovative flocculant/coagulant technologies, as well as membrane system technologies.

Genesis Water Technologies is at the forefront of innovation, working with local qualified and experienced contractors, civil engineering consulting firms and industrial companies in Mexico to collaborate with them in providing sustainable EC treatment technologies, as well as our Zeoturb bio-organic liquid flocculants, advanced oxidation liquid disinfection and filtration solutions.

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