Genesis Water Technologies Receives 2020 North American Innovation Award- Seawater Desalination


Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. was awarded the 2020 North American New Product Innovation Award for Seawater Desalination Treatment.

This award announced in the 4th quarter of 2020, recognized Genesis Water Technologies (GWT) efforts in the optimization the seawater desalination process from the pretreatment process including the integration of our Genclean-Muni advanced oxidation liquid disinfection solution with up to 2.0-2.8x the oxidation potential of chlorine to our sustainable GWT Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant in association with other adjustments to the modular desalination process to optimize efficiency.

This recognition acknowledges the achievement in the desalination process by (GWT) to optimize operational cost as water availability and scarcity become more apparent in regions across the world.

Please check for additional specific details on this prestigious award recognition.