Electrocoagulation System for Sustainable Waste Water Treatment

An Electrocoagulation Water Treatment System will improve your water or wastewater treatment process.

The EC unit (electrocoagulation system) can be applied to different stages of your water or wastewater treatment process:

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Why implement an electrochemical water treatment system instead of chemical treatment?


Speeds up the whole treatment process


Increases the treated water quality Multiple contaminant removal


Decreases operating cost versus conventional chemical treatment


Modular design provides for retrofit capability to existing plants

Sustainable water management by electrocoagulation treatment can be applied to any industry. It can bring higher efficiency to your businesses water treatment process while ensuring a cleaner environment for the local community.

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Electrocoagulation system solution for you.

Electrocoagulation Design Process

Research and Feasibility of Parameters for the Continuous Water Treatment Flow to meet treatment goals

Fabrication of Electrocoagulation System

Custom Fabrication and Assembly of the Plant Unit which Ensures the Efficiency of Water Treatment Process

Implementation of Electrocoagulation Unit

at Your Premises by a Qualified Local Contractor

Start Up/Commissioning and Training

On-site Startup, Commissioning, and Training with Remote Monitoring Agreements available