Electrocoagulation: Effective Treatment of Silica Removal from Water


What is Silica?

Silica, the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen, can be found in almost every water supply across the globe. Often known for being a hard and glassy mineral substance, this element can be found in numerous forms including sand, quartz, and granite. The mineral can be found in natural groundwater supplies in the forms of colloidal silica or reactive silica.

While the removal of contaminants such as silica can be challenging to say the least. Engineers within Genesis Water Technologies have optimized an electrochemical process for effective silica removal from water.

Through integrating electrocoagulation technology into the downstream equipment process, they have successfully produced the most effective system for removing high levels of silica in groundwater supplies and in certain process water and wastewater reuse applications.

Why is Silica Removal From Water Important?

While silica removal from water is vital for drinking water application utilizing membrane treatment processes , its removal is also important in industrial processes as well. Numerous industries rely upon effective treatment for silica removal from water to prevent the increased operation & maintenance cost on their process equipment due to silica fouling. Industries utilizing cooling towers, boilers, and several other specialized industries rely upon the proper removal of this element.

Silica precipitation and silica scale formation on membrane surfaces have severely degraded the membranes of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems. This not only presents a significant operational challenge to the systems operator, but also a financial burden due to associated operational costs.

The silica scale formation would lead to the decline of the RO system’s productivity through membrane degradation and increase the cost of anti-scalant chemicals associated with such treatment. In certain cases silica levels are too high in the feed water source, rendering anti-scalant chemicals ineffective for silica removal from water.

How can we optimize silica removal from water?

Engineers within Genesis Water Technologies sought a solution to this challenge, seeking to reduce the operational costs associated with the installment of membrane systems including reverse osmosis.

To prevent silica fouling of the RO system, it was determined that the pre-treatment process that feeds water into the RO system must be further optimized.

Electrocoagulation technology was found to be the most effective tool in reducing the effects of silica fouling with associated alkalinity in the feed water source. This electrochemical process will become the new industry standard for optimized pre-treatment for RO systems treating water containing significant levels of silica with associated hardness and alkalinity.

While the principle technology associated with electrocoagulation has been around for decades, it had not been until recently that engineers within Genesis Water Technologies were capable of optimizing this treatment technology for multiple applications including the effective removal of silica in water.

By integrating advanced modular electrocoagulation technology to the reverse osmosis pre-treatment process, the company has become a recognized leader in assisting clients worldwide with issues involving elevated silica levels.

The modular design of GWT electrocoagulation systems allows for the ability of existing membrane treatment plants including reverse osmosis systems to be retrofitted without the need for extensive civil works changes. By reducing the need to change/increase the existing treatment footprint, the company or municipality can integrate the technology in a cost-efficient manner.

Furthermore, through payback analysis existing RO treatment operators can easily justify the integration of this specialized electrochemical technology. This is due to the increased system recovery rates and lower operating & maintenance costs associated with membrane replacement & membrane treatment chemicals.

While the impact of silica has been negatively affecting both municipal and industrial clients process treatment equipment for decades, one company has engineered a solution that provides insurmountable value to its clients. Genesis Water Technologies understands the need to maximize cost-savings measures for companies in their water & wastewater treatment operations.

We invite you to learn more about the value of integrating our proprietary modular electrocoagulation technology within your current membrane treatment process systems. High silica levels do not need to adversely effect your water or wastewater treatment operations.

Electrocoagulation is an optimized solution to ensuring silica removal from water, while protecting downstream equipment. Genesis Water Technologies is the partner to help you with it.

Interested in learning how to reduce your high silica levels? Genesis Water Technologies can help you with an EC solution to optimize silica removal. Contact us at 1-877-267-3699 in the USA or reach out to us via email at customersupport@genesiswatertech.com for a free initial consultation to discuss your specific application.