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Storm Water Treatment

Aging treatment and collection systems in developed countries and the lack of appropriate treatment systems in developing countries along with higher precipitation levels occurring over short periods of time are driving government and industry leaders to expand or upgrade stormwater treatment systems to keep surface water bodies clean, while using this collected water for use in non potable applications.

Progressively in the USA and abroad, engineers, landscape architects, and design professionals are seeking ways to fulfill the requirements of National Pollution Discharge Elimination Programs (NPDEP), as well as various local, state and federal requirements regarding storm water pollution.

Genesis Water Technologies partners with experienced civil engineering, LID land architects and regional, national and international construction/project management companies to work closely and holistically with your community, commercial or industrial development to design, engineer, build, install and support optimized innovative and sustainable modular stormwater treatment solutions.

What this means for you:

– Environmentally Friendly chemical free solutions to reduce specific contaminants typically associated with storm water including suspended solids, heavy metals such as aluminum, lead and zinc, bacteria, phosphorus, pesticides, and hydrocarbons via specialized natural media or system solutions depending on specific application and (NPDED) guidelines.

– System Design Optimization & Consulting Services

– Technical Support and Consumables Programs to Maintain Optimized System Performance


To discuss the possibilities of collaborating with Genesis Water Technologies to implement innovative sustainable stormwater treatment solutions to meet your specific needs, Contact us.

We look forward to working with your organization to contribute positively to the social, environmental and economic well-being of communities across the world.

Municipal Water Treatment Sector Brochure
(Desalination, Drinking Water, Domestic Wastewater Reuse, Stormwater Treatment & Humanitarian Sectors)
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