Water Positive Companies: Pioneers in Water Security

water positive companies

As we face escalating water scarcity, the concept of ‘Water Positive Companies’ is gaining significant traction. These forward-thinking businesses are not only addressing their own water footprint but also contributing positively to the water balance in their operating regions.

This article will go into detail to discuss how tech giants and other major companies are leading the charge towards becoming water positive companies. We’ll discuss the urgent need to address freshwater shortages and explore predictions regarding future shortfalls in freshwater resources here in the US and globally.

You will learn about cost reduction through wastewater treatment, water reuse and the mitigation of environmental impacts as key benefits of becoming a ‘water positive’ entity. Furthermore, we will shed light on innovative solutions for wastewater treatment, including self-sufficiency methods and case studies such as ‘Water On Demand’ systems.

The role that businesses play in ensuring global water security cannot be overstated; hence our focus on how business practices impact this critical issue. Join us as we navigate this essential topic surrounding sustainability and corporate responsibility.

    1. Table of Contents:

  • The Growing Movement Towards Water Positivity

    • Tech Giants Leading the Charge towards Water Positivity

    • Pledges from Other Major Companies

  • The Urgency of Addressing Freshwater Shortages

    • Predicted Shortfall in Freshwater Resources

    • Declining Per Capita Availability of Freshwater

  • Benefits of Being Water Positive

    • Cost Reduction through Wastewater Treatment

    • Environmental Impacts Mitigation

  • Innovative Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

    • Self-sufficiency in Wastewater Treatment

    • Case Study: ‘Water On Demand’ System

  • Role Businesses Play In Ensuring Water Security

    • Impact Of Business Practices On Global Water Security

  • FAQs in Relation to Water Positive Companies

    • What companies are water positive?

    • How do companies become water positive?

    • What does it mean to be a water positive company?

    • Why is water important for companies?

  • Conclusion


    The Growing Movement Towards Water Positivity

  1. Companies are diving into the water positivity pool, pledging to save water and make sustainable changes to their operations. It is like a refreshing splash of environmental consciousness.

Tech Giants Leading the Way Among Water Positive Companies

Tech titans like Microsoft and google, Intel and Amazon are making waves, aiming to be net-positive for water by 2030. These companies are focused on water sustainability and how this issue impacts their operations now and in the near future.

Pledges from Other Major Companies

Joining the movement, BP plans to achieve to be a water positive company by 2035. This company among a distinct group of others know that sustainability is not just a drop in the bucket, it’s a commitment to replenishing our planet’s most precious resource – water.

This growing movement shows a shift in corporate attitudes towards environmental stewardship. By making sustainable choices, these businesses can make a difference to mitigate effects of climate change and ensuring future generations have access to clean, safe, and reliable water.

The Urgency of Addressing Freshwater Shortages

Water is a finite resource, and its scarcity poses significant challenges to global development. According to UN predictions, the world could face a 40% shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030 due to shifts in population density causing pollution to water bodies and ever changing weather patterns.

Predicted Shortfall in Freshwater Resources

This looming disaster is not just about the amount of water; it’s also concerning its quality. Pollution from industrial processes, agriculture, and human waste has turned our precious water into a toxic cocktail. We need businesses to step up and adopt sustainable practices that conserve water and keep it clean.

Declining Per Capita Availability of Freshwater

In addition to this predicted shortfall, there’s been a marked decrease in per capita availability of freshwater over the past two decades – down by one-fifth according to some estimates. With the global population ever growing, the demand for clean water is skyrocketing. We need to find ways to optimize these resources in the best way we can.

To combat this impending crisis and ensure long-term sustainability, companies must become more “water-positive”. By embracing innovative wastewater treatment and water reuse solutions like ‘Water On Demand’, they can reduce their water footprint and contribute to global water security. It’s time to turn the tide.

Achieving this goal requires commitment and investment in appropriate technologies and infrastructure changes. Though it may seem daunting, a concerted effort can make this goal achievable with several fiscal and environmental benefits.

By making sustainable changes, not only can we help preserve the environment, but we can also reap financial rewards. Who does not love that?

Benefits of Being Water Positive

Becoming water positive is not just about saving the planet, it’s also about saving money!

Cost Reduction through Wastewater Treatment

Instead of flushing your money down the drain with hefty municipal wastewater treatment fees, invest in your own sustainable process water & wastewater treatment technologies with the expertise of companies like Genesis Water Technologies. Investing in your own water treatment technology can help your business run like a well-oiled machine, while saving money at the same time. In many cases attractive financing options are available to assist with these investments and maintenance cost can be optimized.

Environmental Impact Mitigation

By treating and reusing wastewater, you will be doing your part to keep our rivers and oceans clean. Say goodbye to pollutants and hello to a healthier planet. Plus, you’ll be reducing those pesky greenhouse gas emissions, making Mother Nature do a happy dance.

And let’s not forget about your company reputation. A majority of people around the globe are eager to spend more money on goods from water positive companies that prioritize sustainability. Therefore, not only will you be seen as being environmentally conscious, but you will also be raking in the profits. It’s a great result for everyone involve

Innovative Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Urban areas are growing, and so are the challenges of managing wastewater. But fear not, businesses can do their part by collaborating with innovative companies like Genesis Water Technologies to provide these solutions that benefit everyone and make the future brighter.

Self-sufficiency in Wastewater Treatment

More and more companies are treating their own process water and wastewater, taking the load off municipal systems. This assists in controlling water quality, minimizing environmental impact and related discharge costs. The EPA has guidelines to help businesses do it right.

Case Study: ‘Water Treatment Optimized’ Approach

Introducing the ‘Water Treatment Optimized’ system approach- no need for big upfront investments in water treatment infrastructure with several financing programs available in the USA and in many regions of the world.

Here’s how it works: Engage with Genesis Water Technologies Inc. to engineer, design, manufacture and supply an optimized treatment solutions to assist you to reduce operating costs, meet sustainable goals and maintain compliance with regulations. We will work with your preferred consulting engineering or qualified construction partner to implement the treatment solution and provide ongoing consumables maintenance support.

This model allows businesses to achieve sustainability objectives without spending too much money. From manufacturing plants to tech offices, water positive companies are making a difference across the world.

Genesis Water Technologies Inc.’s ‘Water Treatment Optimized’ approach offers a practical solution for companies to make strides towards their goals while contributing to global water security.

Role Businesses Play In Ensuring Water Security

A growing number of companies are realizing how their actions impact global water security. They get it – water management matters, not just for them but for everyone.

Impact Of Business Practices On Global Water Security

Businesses use a lot of water. From manufacturing to data centers, they are heavy users. But many do not realize how much they use or think about ways to optimize.

Some smart companies are stepping up and becoming “water-positive”. They’re not just reducing their own water use, but also giving back by replenishing more than they take.

It’s time for companies to get involved – each droplet is essential in preserving our world’s most treasured asset.

FAQs in Relation to Water Positive Companies

What companies are water positive?

Companies like Apple, Google, and Levi Strauss & Co. have committed to becoming more “water-positive” by implementing sustainable practices in their operations.

How do companies become water positive?

Companies can become water positive by implementing sustainable practices such as water conservation, recycling, and investing in water restoration projects.

What does it mean to be a water positive company?

Being a water positive company means that a company’s water consumption is offset by its efforts to conserve water, restore water sources, and promote water sustainability.

Why is water treatment important for companies?

Water is essential for many industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and energy production. Companies rely on water for their operations and need to ensure its quality, reliability and sustainability.


The movement towards water positivity is crucial for addressing freshwater shortages and ensuring a sustainable future for years to come.

Tech giants, eco conscious utilities and major companies are leading the efforts by pledging to become water positive, recognizing the urgency of conserving this vital resource.

Becoming water positive not only helps the environment but also offers cost reduction opportunities through innovative wastewater treatment solutions.

Companies have a major part to play in protecting water availability around the world, and their promise of becoming water positive can be influential in keeping our freshwater resources safe for future generations.

Our team at Genesis Water Technologies are water and wastewater experts. We look forward to working with water positive companies and organizations within the US and across the world to determine the optimal solutions to meet your specific needs, and we have the insight and know-how to ensure our sustainable systems and products run smoothly for your particular application.

To learn how we can help optimize the water treatment or wastewater process for your application integrating our sustainable technologies, contact our team at Genesis Water Technologies at +1 877-267-3699 or through email at customersupport@genesiswatertech.com.