Genesis Water Technologies Introduces its New Genclean Disinfection Division with 5 Innovative New Product Offerings

genclean liquid advanced oxidation treatment

Genesis Water Technologies, (GWT) a US based global water solutions engineering company has announced that it has recently launched its innovative Genclean Disinfection Division.

Genclean is committed to launching sustainable and scalable liquid advanced oxidation solutions. Their purpose is to disinfect and oxidize harmful pathogens, micro pollutants, bio fouling and trace metal contamination in water streams.

Are you a Distributor working with Industrial, Commercial or Water Utility customers and looking for innovative, environmental friendly disinfecting solutions to offer to your clients? … Then Genclean is your answer.

After rigorous development and testing, the NSF certified and patent pending Genclean products will be available in five different variants. These new items can be injected into the water source using chemical feed systems with integrated dosing controllers.

The new Genclean products include:

* Genclean Muni (for water & wastewater utility disinfection)
* Genclean Disinfect (for cooling tower disinfection applications)
* Genclean AQ (for food/beverage industry water disinfection)
* Genclean Ind (for disinfection of industrial wastewater)
* Genclean Pool (for the disinfection of commercial pools, spas and water features)

These products are now available to our distribution partners in the US and across the world.

Across the globe, there is an increasing need for environmentally safe and sustainable disinfection methods that are capable of both oxidization and disinfection of emerging contaminants and pathogens without producing toxic disinfection byproducts.

This is no more apparent, than in the age of the global Corona virus pandemic and its implications on water & wastewater treatment.

Genesis Water Technologies is on the leading edge of addressing this critical issue.

Primary Benefits of Genclean:

– Produces up to 2x greater oxidizing capabilities of chlorine and bleach, and almost 1.5x the oxidizing capability of ozone hydrogen peroxide and similar treatment solutions.

– Provides disinfection and oxidation of emerging pathogens and contaminants with low capital cost to meet stricter regulatory requirements, without the potential for harmful toxic byproducts typically associated with other water disinfection solutions.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. To learn more about the Genclean product line and distribution possibilities in your region, connect with us through our new division website

About Genclean

Genclean is a division of the award winning USA based water engineering solutions company, Genesis Water Technologies (GWT) dedicated to developing, implementing and optimizing NSF certified liquid advanced oxidation solutions using sustainable green chemistry for companies and water utilities. To learn more about GWT and our solutions & services, visit the Genesis Water Technologies website at