Wastewater treatment solutions have become one of the significant moves to filter waste water. Whether it is for fighting with the growing shortage of drinking water or finding better water sources for wastewater, several technologies have been practice for centuries, and MBBR wastewater treatment is being used for filtering waste water in both industrial and domestic sectors.

MBBR or Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor system is a state-of-the-art process of purifying wastewater by using a specialized biological technology process. This treatment can be utilized for both municipal and industrial sectors for nitrification, BOD removal, and purification of water. This treatment system can also be integrated with other systems to achieve higher contaminant removal performance.

Advantages of MBBR wastewater treatment

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor or MBBR wastewater treatment involved a simplified operational system that perks up the cleanliness of the water more than the usual wastewater treatment frameworks. MBBR treatment formula day by day are transforming into the most appreciated and accepted. It has become the preferred biological treatment technology because of its several advantages over the conventional activated sludge (ASP) water purification process and here are the fundamental benefits. Have a look:

  • Health accommodating:

The state-of-the-art technology and biological schemes used in this system make it more health-accommodating and eco-friendly.

  • Efficient and practical:

While purifying wastewater, this system produces fewer amounts of solids without any use of a polymer which makes it more efficient and lowers operational cost versus the usual water treatment systems.

  • Small dimension:

While different water treatment systems demand a large space to be placed, MBBR wastewater systems are compatible with a small footprint, which is all most 1/3rd the space other wastewater system require.

  • Cost-efficiency:

In comparison to other wastewater systems, MBBR wastewater treatment is quite reasonable and come within budget-friendly operating and maintenance expenses.

  • Convenient to use:

The whole system is pretty flexible and easy-to-use. Its operating systems are flexible to control without any issues of media congestion.