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Water Disinfection Solutions

Water disinfection solutions are critical to both communities and industries across the world. Genesis Water Technologies provides energy efficient UV systems and advanced oxidation solutions to meet the needs for safe clean water that is free from pathogenic micro-organisms and toxic environmental contaminants.

GWT specializes in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly AOP (advanced oxidation process) and ultraviolet water disinfection solutions that are designed, built and integrated to resolve our clients needs for the safe disinfection and oxidation of harmful biological and organic contaminants from their drinking water, process water or waste water effluent. These contaminants include viruses, bacteria, cysts, pesticides, algal toxins, and nitrosamines.

Disinfection is a process involving the deactivation, removal or destruction of these harmful water borne organisms that cause disease. The disinfection of water is required for potable drinking water, industrial process water, and waste water treatment for industries and municipalities around the world to meet regulations and ensure safety.

Genesis Water Technologies energy efficient closed chamber UV systems and advanced oxidation solutions are optimized and designed depending upon the clients application to meet today’s emerging water treatment challenges.

These high performance systems are designed for applications from 150,000 gallons per day and are scalable to millions of gallons per day utilizing low pressure UV energy to inactivate more than 99.99% of all waterborne pathogens.

We understand the water disinfection process and we are able to assist you in providing safe and sustainable solutions and we prove it with a process performance guarantee. We support our clients in meeting ever-changing environmental regulations.

Specific water disinfection applications include:

– Drinking water
– Process water applications
– Water reuse
– Tertiary waste water applications

In working with our local partners worldwide, Genesis Water Technologies can meet your water disinfection challenges with innovative water disinfection solutions for both commercial, industrial and municipal sized applications.

GWT Water Disinfection Solutions Include:

* GWT I Series Industrial/Municipal Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

* GWT Series AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) Systems

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