GWT Water Treatment Plant


Due to decreasing adequacy and quality of water resources across coastal mainland communities and island nations across the world, municipalities are seeking advanced, innovative and efficient potable drinking water treatment solutions. These solutions will need to assist them to meet the needs of an expanding population in a cost effective and sustainable manner while achieving increasingly tighter regulatory compliance. Brackish water and seawater desalination solutions are effective solutions to meet and secure the water needs of your communities into the future.

Genesis Water Technologies partners with experienced civil engineering, regional, national and international construction/project management companies to work closely and holistically with your community to design, engineer, build, install and support optimized innovative and sustainable brackish water and seawater desalination solutions incorporating specialized pretreatment and advanced nano technology to meet the critical challenges facing your municipal water supply.

What this means for you:

– Specialized modular desalination reverse osmosis system solutions optimized for reliability, sustainability, and performance

– System solution is customized for lower operating cost and mitigation of any threat to the surrounding marine ecosystem from brine discharge in sea water applications.

– Integration of Advanced Nano fiber and Nano Composite technology

– Desalination system solution design & consulting services

– Technical support and consumables programs to maintain optimized system performance


Through innovative, sustainable, brackish water and seawater desalination solutions, we will work with you to meet or exceed World Health Organization (WHO) regulatory compliance standards and provide ongoing support through our local partners to maintain successful operation

We look forward to working with your organization to contribute positively to the social, environmental, and economic well-being of your communities throughout the USA and around the world.

Municipal Water Treatment Sector Brochure
(Desalination, Drinking Water, Domestic Wastewater Reuse, Stormwater Treatment & Humanitarian Sectors)
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