The Textile industry is a water intensive industry. Rising water costs due to increasing water scarcity and more stringent environmental regulations have lead to textile companies globally to seek advanced, innovative and efficient textile wastewater treatment solutions to assist them to reduce their water footprint, decrease operational cost and maintain regulatory compliance. Therefore, sustainable water quality management and conservation through water reuse strategies are increasingly becoming critical to the entire operations of a textile manufacturer.

In the textile industry, water is typically treated for various production applications. These applications include process water for cleaning the raw fabric material which typically accounts for about 40-45% of the process water, with rinse water used in the fabric dying, printing, and fabric finishing processes accounting for around 55-60% of total process water consumption.

The textile industry has many issues in dealing with their wastewater effluent from the various treatment processes. The waste water effluent typically contains high levels of suspended solids, phosphates, dyes, oils, salts (glauber salt or NaCl), organo-pesticides, non biodegradable organics and heavy metals. Without proper textile wastewater treatment, serious environmental issues related to the discharge of this effluent occur causing pollution of the surrounding regions.

Genesis Water Technologies can work with your organization to design, engineer and supply optimized innovative and environmental friendly water and textile wastewater treatment solutions to meet the critical challenges facing your textile manufacturing operations.

These system solutions can be retrofitted to enable optimized performance of existing system processes or they can be supplied as a complete solution to meet your needs for operations where no existing processes exist or the processes are insufficient and require replacement.

What this means for you:
– Environmentally Friendly Advanced Textile Wastewater Treatment Solutions designed to handle the unique characteristics of textile waste water for water reuse including chlorides, hardness, suspended solids, BOD, COD, heavy metals, and non biodegradable organics.

– System Solution Flexibility & Optimization for Reliability, Sustainability, and Performance

– Process Knowledge Integration

– Reduction/Removal of Specific Contaminants

We look forward to working with textile manufacturers worldwide in conjunction with our local partners to understand your specific needs and assist you in meeting these unique water quality challenges. Through optimized sustainable solutions we will work with you to meet or exceed your water quality and regulatory compliance standards and provide ongoing support through our local partners to maintain successful operation.

Industrial Water Treatment Sector Brochure (Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Pulp & Paper Industry Sectors)
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