Pulp & Paper

The Pulp & paper industry is characterized by high operational water usage. Rising water costs due to increasing water scarcity and more stringent environmental regulations have led pulp and paper companies to seek innovative and efficient water treatment solutions to assist them to reduce their water footprint, decrease operational cost and maintain regulatory compliance. Therefore, water quality management and conservation through the utilization of an advanced pulp and paper water treatment system is increasing becoming critical to the entire operations of a pulp & paper manufacturer.

Compliance with regulatory standards for a pulp and paper water treatment system design typically encompass two distinct areas of importance to these operations: meeting minimum water quality standards for process water requirements and achieving waste water effluent of good quality to reuse back into the manufacturing process with the remainder disposed of within compliance of discharge limits.

Finally, conserving water resources through effective water quality management is critical from both an economic competitiveness perspective as well as the overall positive perception gained through a pulp & paper companies commitment to the sustainability of the communities in which it operates.

Genesis Water Technologies can work with you or your consulting engineering team to design, engineer and build optimized innovative and sustainable water and waste water treatment solutions to meet the critical challenges facing your pulp & paper operations. These system solutions can be potentially retrofitted into an existing water treatment process for optimized water quality or the systems can be provided as a complete solution to meet your needs.

What this means for you:

– Advanced pulp and paper water treatment solutions for bacterial control, BOD, COD, organics, dissolved Solids, & suspended solids/sediments removal to allow for facility reuse or discharge within regulatory limits.

– System Solution Optimization for Reliability, Sustainability, and Treatment Performance

– Process Knowledge Integration

– Reduction/Removal of Specific Contaminants

We look forward to working with pulp & paper manufacturers worldwide in conjunction with our local partners to understand your specific needs and assist you in meeting these unique water quality challenges. Through optimized pulp and paper water treatment solutions, we will work with you to meet or exceed your water quality and regulatory compliance standards and provide ongoing support through our local partners to maintain successful operation.

Industrial Water Treatment Sector Brochure (Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Pulp & Paper Industry Sectors)

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