Pharmaceutical companies today are operating in a challenging environment. Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment management is increasingly becoming critical to the entire operations of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. These companies are facing challenges of water scarcity requiring them to look more closely at employing pharmaceutical wastewater reuse strategies for cost management. In addition, companies in this industry are faced with tighter regulatory water discharge limits.

Compliance with regulatory standards for a water system design typically encompass two distinct areas of importance in a pharmaceutical operation: meeting minimum water quality standards for water discharge or reuse within the pharmaceutical facility and achieving discharge water quality limits outside of the facility. Specific local and national regulatory water quality discharge limits are placed on waste water discharge by pharmaceutical companies discharging their waste water into municipal sewer systems.

Finally, conserving water resources through water quality management is critical from both an economic competitiveness perspective as well as the positive public and regulatory level perception gained through the companies commitment to sustainability.

Genesis Water Technologies works with pharmaceutical companies to design, engineer and supply optimized and sustainable pharmaceutical waste water treatment solutions to meet the critical challenges facing your pharmaceutical operations. These system solutions can be integrated into an existing water treatment process to optimize water quality or a complete process system solution can be provided to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

What this means for you:

– Specialized pharmaceutical wastewater treatment solutions designed to handle bacterial control, BOD, COD, TOC, hardness scale, and dissolved/suspended solids removal to allow for facility reuse or discharge within regulatory limits.

– System solution flexibility & optimization for reliability, sustainability, and treatment performance

– Process knowledge integration

– Reduction/Removal of Specific Contaminants

We look forward to working with pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide in conjunction with our local partners to understand your needs and assist you in meeting the unique water quality challenges that you of pharmaceutical manufacturing process. In utilizing an optimized sustainable pharmaceutical wastewater treatment solution, we can meet or exceed your regulatory compliance requirements and save your company money.

Industrial Water Treatment Sector Brochure (Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Pulp & Paper Sectors)
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