Hotel Water Treatment

Genesis Water Technologies partners with leading hotel and resort companies involved in developing hotels and resorts across the world to integrate sustainable environmentally friendly customized hotel water treatment solutions for drinking water, gray water reuse and domestic waste water.

These system solutions can be retrofitted to enable enhanced performance of system processes in existing hotel/resort properties or they can be supplied as a complete solution to meet your needs for new construction applications.

At Genesis Water Technologies we work with our clients to understand the needs/challenges of your specific hotel/resort properties and formulate efficient sustainable water treatment/reuse solutions to meet your specific needs.

What this means for you:


– Environmentally Friendly chemical free hotel water treatment solutions for bacterial/virus reduction, scale prevention, TDS reduction through optimized desalination, COD/BOD and total suspended solids removal. These solutions enable the reuse of water for non potable applications such as irrigation, cooling tower, boiler feed water and laundry cleaning operations.

– System solution optimization for reliability, sustainability, and operational efficiency

– System solution design & Consulting services

– Technical Support and Consumables Agreement Programs to maintain optimized system performance

We look forward to engaging with development companies and hotel/resort management companies specialized in the building and operations of resorts and hotels worldwide. Through this collaboration, we can understand your specific needs and assist you in meeting these unique water quality challenges with reduced operating cost and optimized water footprint.

Through optimized sustainable hotel water treatment solutions we will work with you to meet or exceed the water quality and regulatory compliance standards required and provide ongoing support to maintain successful operations.

Hotel/Building Water Treatment Sector Brochure (Hotels/Resorts & Commercial Properties Sectors)
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