DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation System

Dissolved Air Flotation System Solutions

The (DAF) Dissolved Air Flotation process combines both sedimentation and clarification into one process step.

This clarification process technology provides superior removal of suspended solids (TSS), fats/oils and greases (FOG), BOD, as well as other contaminants in surface water, water reuse, and waste water applications.

Dissolved air flotation systems are much more cost efficient than conventional sedimentation/clarification processes providing higher performance with lower design engineering costs and reduced installation costs.

The clarified treated water from the DAF system can typically be reused for non-potable water requirements or the treated water could be discharged into a sewer system.

There are several aspects required to ensure optimal performance of a DAF clarification system.

These include pre-screening of large solid particles, if these particles are expected to be in the the raw source water. The pre screened water can be pumped into an cone bottom equalization tank to settle the high density non floatable suspended solids. Drastic fluctuations in water temperature and pH can also impact performance of a Dissolved air flotation clarification system. It is also important to understand that DAF systems require the receiving of waste water with a relatively consistent flow rate and a stable water profile.

The GWT HR series is a High Rate Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system that utilizes inclined corrugated plate technology and compact design yielding high flow rates in a small space footprint. The system features all stainless steel construction and is equipped with two high pressure recirculation (air dissolving) pumps; one pump operating and one pump in stand-by mode. This system is able to achieve high solids concentration in the float material using a specialized skimmer system and unique static de-watering grid. Settled solids are discharged through automatic drain valves. System operation can be either manual or automatic using an automated control panel that integrates with other installed equipment, (feed pumps, chemical feed systems, etc.). GWT HR series DAF systems may be installed as a pretreatment system, with or without chemical treatment, or as a clarifier for other treatment systems.

– High Performance and Operational Flexibility

High TSS capture rate ( 95% or better)
High float/sludge consistency
Easily handles upstream variations in flow rate and contaminant concentration
Smaller abundant micro bubbles to generate finer particle flocculation

– Low Operating Costs

Efficient polymer consumption or no polymer consumption based on water profile
Minimal operator monitoring required
Minimal maintenance
Complete corrosion-resistant construction
Better energy efficiency
Potential recovery of useful or marketable by-products.

– Low Installation Costs

Modular and pre-mounted units
Space-efficient small footprint
Minimal field erection time: unload, position and connect

Dissolved Air Flotation Systems Include:

– Custom Built Dissolved Air Flotation Systems from 20 GPM(76 LPM) – 2000 GPM (7600 LPM).

– These systems can accommodate higher flow rates via modular manifold.

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