Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems Solutions

Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to providing sustainable, specialized commercial water filtration systems for drinking water, process water and water reuse/water recycling applications for commercial, industrial and municipal clients worldwide.

Water filtration systems are especially important for commercial, industrial and municipal applications, helping to improve operational performance efficiency and reduce equipment maintenance costs. Contaminants in your water source can adversely affect your plant operations, increasing costs and reducing the life of capital equipment. An effective specialized filtration solution can substantially reduce the risk by removing or neutralizing contaminants to prevent issues with piping systems or capital equipment.

To assess your specific needs and provide an optimized filtration solution, a laboratory water chemistry analysis should be performed on a sample range of the source water to be filtered. Once this analysis report is received, we can discuss the application and define the parameters of the filtered water quality required after filtration.

Our commercial water filtration systems are specifically designed, engineered and built to resolve your needs for the removal of the following:

– Silt/Sediment (turbidity) reduction to 5 micron
– Total suspended solids
– Specific heavy metals
– Radioactive isotopes
– Chlorine
– Organics
– Hardness minerals
– Specialized organic chemical compounds including pesticides, creosote, BTEX, and petroleum hydrocarbons.

In working with our collaboration partners worldwide, GWT can provide complete custom built integrated commercial water filtration systems or specialized medium for existing systems to optimize gravity and pressure filtration system performance and efficiency.

These integrated solutions have applications within the:

– Oil and Gas Industry
– Food/Beverage
– Office Buildings/Apartments/Hotels
– Hospitals
– Power Generation
– Municipal/Community
– Nurseries/Agriculture Processing
– Textile
– Pulp & Paper
Humanitarian/Emergency Water Treatment

GWT can also provide filtration solutions to be integrated into an existing drinking water, commercial process water or water reuse applications to enhance the water quality prior to distribution or tertiary water disinfection processes.

Contact us to speak with an applications engineer who can assist and guide you with your specific water filtration issues.

* Filtration Solutions Include:

* Specialized Activated Carbon Filtration Solutions

* Specialized Unique Natural Zeolite Filtration Solutions

* Specialized Modified Clay Filtration Solutions

* Remineralization/pH Adjustment Solutions

* Iron/Manganese/Arsenic Filtration Removal Solutions


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