GWT Zeoturb – Natural Flocculant Medium and Application for Sustainable Primary Clarification for Water & Wastewater Treatment

There is an increasing need of safe, eco-friendly and sustainable methods of providing good solutions for water and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications throughout the world. Now, a Natural Zeolite based Flocculant Medium, called ZeoTurb has been introduced by Genesis Water Technologies. The GWT ZeoTurb is a type of natural non-toxic powder flocculant medium used to provide a sustainable natural alternative to the traditionally used aluminium sulfate and polymer chemistries to treat water and wastewater.

This solution does not make use of any additional chemicals or salts in the treated water and is a cost effective and environment friendly product. The GWT Zeoturb can be disposed off easily in a typical landfill. The main idea behind developing such a medium is to address issues related to total suspended solids (TSS), algae, ammonia, turbidity, hydrogen sulphide, silt, some hydrocarbons and bio particle, especially in the primary clarification process.

The GWT Zeoturb can be used to treat water and wastewater in sectors like:

  • *Municipal fresh drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • *Food or Beverage
  • *Aquaculture
  • *Power Generation
  • *Textile/Paper industry
  • *Industries related with petroleum

This medium is also being used with the GWT electrocoagulation water treatment processes to treat water and wastewater.

The major benefits of using GWT Zeoturb over Aluminium Sulfate/Polymers are as following:

    1. 1. It is non-toxic and environmental friendly medium which can be disposed off easily in a landfill or can be applied on land without any conditions.


    1. 2. It does not affect any tertiary polishing membrane system processes.


    1. 3. Reduced sludge disposal maintenance costs as even the slightest of solid content gets dewatered easily.


    1. 4. Better flocculation of particulates as the medium separates solid or liquids better than aluminium sulfate or polymers.


    1. 5. It is in powder form and is thus eco-friendly.


    1. 6. As it is of low density, the cost of shipping and handling gets reduced.


    1. 7. The medium treats algae, ammonia, turbidity, hydrogen sulphide, silt, some hydrocarbons very effectively.


    1. 8. The medium has been designed in a way that does not damage or decay concrete water piping infrastructure.

Seeing such effective advantages of GWT Zeoturb solution will help the industrial sectors mentioned above to come up with an increased system productivity and reduced operating and maintenance costs. It will resolve all of the water treatment needs of all the industries seeking help with their water and wastewater treatment issues.

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