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The hazardous organic wastes are immensely increasing by industries, militaries as well as by the domestic sources. It is an emerging issue in the recent days and needs immediate actions by government or by any private organization. To reduce the effects of the hazardous waste from the environment, the advanced oxidation process is considered as an efficient technique that helps in removing the level of contamination of waste that is not degradable using biological process.

Advanced oxidation process

AOPs are the set of operations that involves some methods of the reactive oxygen species, which can destroy the wide range of the organic compounds from the water. The process is driven by external energy sources that mainly includes the ultraviolet radiation or solar light, which are often costly than the conventional biological wastewater treatment process.

Furthermore, the AOPs can be applied to the air, remediation of contaminated solids as well as for the disinfection of the water. The process produces the safe drinking water or treated water when the black water, grey water or non-biodegradable water is given as input to the system.

A considerable amount of water is saved with this process. Genesis water technology helps the users to implement the method in every industry and domestic sources. Various factories, industries, and domestic sectors appreciate the techniques of GWT as they are highly efficient to produce the best results for the customers.

Steps for drink water treatment

The drinking water treatment process includes various steps. The steps include the coagulation, clarification or floatation, filtration, disinfection, fluoridation and pH treatment. The coagulation process helps to stick the particles together by adding the alum. The floatation made the particles to float on the surface to separate from the water.

Filtration removes the other remaining particles as the water passes through them. The disinfection method like the ultraviolet rays, chloramines or chlorine helps to destroy the disease-causing the bacteria. Fluoridation helps to prevent the tooth decay when the fluoride is added in minimal amounts to the water.

In pH correction method, caustic soda is used to neutralize the pH of the water to make more perfect, as it is slightly acidic from the fluoride as well as chlorine which are added previously. The treatment of the water is essential in every sector as the contamination levels are increasing day by day. GWT helps to reduce the level of wastewater by using these techniques.


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